An advertising campaign for Planeta Fitness


  1. Active promotion of 3 priority Moscow fitness clubs —
  2. Promotion of the remaining clubs of
  3. CPL – 1000 rub.

Tracking performance

Calls and requests are tracked using Google Analytics and K-50.

Setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns for Google search

So, there are 3 priority fitness clubs for which we need to set up individual advertising campaigns of 4 types:

  1. Campaign with targeting on Moscow and keywords about types of classes and addresses (the nearest streets, metro stations). Keywords such as "+ Savelovskaya + pool", "+ Novoslobodskaya + crossfit", etc.
  2. CampaignCampaign with targeting on Moscow and keywords about fitness clubs with the indication of the nearest addresses ("+ Belorusskaya + fitness", "+ Tverskoy + gymnasium", etc.).
  3. CampaignA campaign with a target radius of 3.0 km near the address of the fitness club and keywords about fitness clubs ("+ fitness + subscription", "+ gym + hall", etc.).
  4. CampaignA campaign with a target radius of 3.0 km near fitness club and requests about types of classes ("cardio + in the gym," + crossfit + section + in + moscow, etc.).

There was a list of the nearest addresses and the list of sections on which each club specializes.

Next, we launched search campaigns for all other clubs targeting the whole of Moscow:

  1. Campaign with the keywords of competitors (emphasis on requests "price", "subscription", etc.).
  2. Common keywords like «+Moscow +Gyms» and so on.
  3. Keywords with the addresses closest to the other fitness clubs Planeta Fitness. Requests like "+ fitness + Lublinskaya", "+ gym + hall + Tulskaya", etc. For each address, the relevant text and landing page are configured.
  4. Thematic inquiries divided by types of sports activities ("+ studio + dance + and + fitness", "+ fitness + pilates + yoga", etc).

Display Network and Remarketing settings

  • Keyword targeting - navigation keywords and keywords about fitness clubs.
  • Thematic targeting (sport, beauty, fitness and so on):

  • Audience targeting (solvent audience, interested in investments, travels, spa, cruises, sport, beauty):

  • Placement targeting:

    Different ad groups with placement targeting were configured. The first group targeting on "", the second - on the near-topic sites related to fitness and healthy eating. Since most of the request come from women, there is the third ad group with targeting on sites about fashion and beauty, magazines for women, etc. Men were completely excluded in that group.

  • Target audience based on interests - fitness products and services, goods for sports.
  • Remarketing includes groups for different audiences:

    • groups for those who clicked on the "Buy card" button, for those who performed other targeted actions on the site, a group for the other visitors to the site;
    • group of similar users (look-alike);
    • group using the "Smart Goals" of Google Analytics (the analytics system chooses about 5% of the best traffic coming from AdWords).
  • Bid adjustment based on demographic data.

    Analysis of demographic data and application sessions showed that the majority of requests are from women, the conversion for the purpose of "Sending a form" for women is 2.93% compared to 1.59% for men. As for age targeting, the largest conversion and the number of transitions were found in the age group 25-34 years old. For this audience, we put higher rates. Low rates are made for segments 35-44 and 45-54 years because of low conversion. The same bid adjustments apply to search campaigns.

  • Exclusion of some categories of sites.
  • Ad exclusions in mobile applications.

Performance Indicators

Ad Conversion Growth, Adwords

Growth in average session time, Adwords

Volume of paid traffic with division into clubs

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