Bots Or Interactive Army Serving For Businesses

Are you discussing the website rebuilding or thinking about apps? Apparently, it’s unworthy, new media to communicate with your clients developing really fast, for instance, there are bots.

Bots serve for accelerating and facilitating communication with the business, throughout the text and voice messages. In general, client-bot interaction looks like: user appears to have a demand, he sends it strictly to the bot, who immediately answers the inquiry.

Talking about bots more often people recall Facebook bots, but the industry isn’t limited to it. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are home devices managed with the voice, serve for solving mundane tasks, for instance, using them you can switch on the music or light at the kitchen or order a pizza. These devices hit all the sale records at the New Year eve 2016-2017 in a Great Britain, all of the copies were sold, which can be considered as a product success.

Moreover, at spring 2017, Bing announced bot-search integration, the aim is to accelerate responses to the users. Besides bots available in all of contemporary CRM for business, assisting users to navigate. Further, we are going to talk about messenger chat-bots because currently, they are could be especially useful for business.

Scope Of Application

On the practice, chatbot is a complete substitution of the online communication, additional service or entertainment. Let’s consider on examples.

The most prominent e-commerce project is 1-800, which a represents a step-by-step tool for flowers ordering. Try it once and you will get the much better experience than you can get with ordinary website checkout.

Bots are successfully deal with tasks as additional service assistants. It could be FAQ and call-centers replacement or personal recommendations, for instance, TechCrunch bot.

Bots are perfect for entertainment. The fact is that messenger services allow to create a space where users could interact with each other and brands in any formats. A lot of brands have already had a successful entertainment cases.

Hype Or Not?

In order to get the idea is this industry will develop further, it’s enough to observe this statistic.

The stat reflects that as early as in 2015 messengers overtook social media by a number of users and the gap continues to grow.

There are a significant amount of successful integrations, although bots start period occurred in the middle of the 2016 year and at the beginning, it wasn’t so positively. Besides we can recall the most popular messenger in China WeChat, which is considered the full-fledged e-commerce platform.

The main drawbacks are that is often difficult to find bots and communicate with them with the text messages. The only possible way to find the bot you need is to use links and messenger search options to find the bot. At the beginning of 2017 on the conference F8, announced the emergence of the bot marketplace similar to the app store. Prior to that, it was implemented menu and navigational elements in the chat, which was intended to improve bots navigation.

How To Build The Bot

The approach of the bots development approximately reminds website development. The first step is Interaction script and only after that, you should prepare interface and plug in interactive elements.

It’s not difficult to make a bot which is capable of answering to simple questions, it has already appeared a significant amount of solutions, which allow you to simulate interaction and even have inbuilt modules, supported with artificial intelligence. On the basic level, those modules help to identify whether the answer corresponds the text entered by the user.

Bot building process demands a full-fledged team consist of marketer and developers, who can manage API and Machine Learning. Even appeared a separate specialization uniting all in one is bot-maker.

How To Promote The Bot

Bot as a website is available with links, which you can share in all of the media channels. The most powerful promotion method considered to be influencers and blogs. An important impulse could be bot’s button placement in the community and on the website.


At the moment bots are used by pioneers. Bots will not become the main channel of communication at once, but it quite possible in the future, because bots can replace websites, apps, social media, and even search. The industry moves by leaps and bounds, new tools and forms appear, which is like accelerated invention of the typing machine.

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